“Flabbergasting”. It’s a good word, isn’t it? Well, if you haven’t heard, Status Anxiety has been putting the flabber back in peoples gasts for sometime now (since 2004 to be precise) with its collection of bags and wallets. The unique idiosyncrasies of premium leather reign with benevolent supremacy in every piece, complimented through the subtle detail of hardware, stitching and lining selections, creating something unmissable.

You might well ask, what is ‘Status Anxiety’? Aside from being a prolific social phenomenon (not the time), it’s also the label that makes nice leathery smell in over 600 fashion boutiques from Sydney to New York. And now in The Netherlands. That’s a first. Despite their obvious good looks, each piece has a distinctly nonchalant and unassuming demeanor about it. Jup, Australian.

Inherently functional, and with a touch of rebellious cool, let it be known that while their appeal is broad, they’re not for the masses. Their newest range details a consuming mix of luxurious soft Italian leathers, and animal print cowhides resulting in what can only be described as understated complexity. Generous allocations of space/function, embossed icon detailing, and thick woven cotton canvas, combine to make the range a superconscious experience. Relying heavily on the use of quality materials, Status Anxiety has an appeal that is sure to last more than a season and constructed to stand the test of time.
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120 products
Items per page: 7 14 21 View All